Collective Sense Commons

Collective Sense Commons is a public benefit project organized and supported by Peter Kaminski and others to provide coordination, communication, and sensemaking tools to individuals and organizations that are involved with collective sensemaking.

Organizations and individuals are encouraged to use and protect the services as a community commons.


Existing commons service:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous channel-based chat using Mattermost.

Planned commons services:

  • Long-term discussion and deliberation forums using Discourse.
  • Group memory and archives using MaSVF Wikis.
  • Other services such as people/project directories, project management, polling, questionnaires, etc.

Planned partner services, provided by organizational members of the network:

  • Group facilitation and process mentoring for using chat, discussion, wiki.
  • "Sensemaking as a service" and mentorship in collaborative sensemaking.

Private and commercial services and consulting are also provided by Peter Kaminski. Please contact him for more details.

Why Join With Collective Sense Commons?

The CSC services allow organizations to coordinate, communicate, and collaborate with others to create a shared information commons.

Services provided by CSC do not require payment, which allows individuals and ad hoc organizations to get going right away, even if they do not have a formal accounts payable infrastructure yet.

To support itself and its members, CSC encourages alternative exchanges of value.

About The Team

Peter Kaminski has been supporting community via the Internet since 1992, with information, services, and tools. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience about collaboration tools and processes, as well as tech infrastructure, to CSC.

Contact Us

Send email to Peter Kaminski, or drop in on the Meta CSC channel on CSC Agora.